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Upcycling is a process that allows us to give a second life to leftover materials by transforming them in something new, by increasing their quality and perceived value. 


At Skinalp, upcycling is in the DNA of the project.  Our products are made with over-cutted or leftovers or b-quality (color pigmentation issues, unglued rolls, etc.) ski touring skins  that would have been thrown away.
Even the inside material of our cardholders comes from an upcycling process: it is made with camping tents groundsheets, which were unsold products left in the warehouse. 


Recycling means processing a wasted material with the aim of obtaining a new one, for the same or a different use.

The yarn used for the base of Skinalp's black belts is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles from Northern Italy. 

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