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Skitouring skins are a mandatory tool for the practice of ski mountaineering. Their aim is to avoid sliding back when climbing up a ski slope or a valley with skis.

They are still called "pelli di foca" because of their animal origin dating back at the beginning of the last century, although today they are composed of synthetic fibers and/or mohair wool in different percentages

Skitouring skins have an adhesive side and a "hairy" side: those hairs allow you to grip on snow and climb the slopes without slipping back.

The different colours of the skins do not derive from aesthetic choices only, but they are different depending on the needs. For example the pink version was born for race use (lightness and speed), while the black has the best grip (and longer hairs).

Skinalp is using production leftovers or overtrimmed skitouring skins from Pomoca SA.

For more information about skitouring skins, click here.

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